You can’t in my opinion beat a well-manicured lawn. But for those of us who prefer enjoying your lawn than maintaining it, artificial grass is perfect for you.


  1. Looks natural and beautiful 365 days of the year (especially with a little landscaping)
  2. Can be used and played on 365 days of the year
  3. Can withstand the abuse of sugar fuelled kids and crazy dogs (the mess they make can easily be cleaned too)
  4. Gives you back your time with no more mowing and little maintenance


You have an awkward space that you know can be tamed and transformed into an exciting area for you to entertain family and friends in.


  1. Visually stunning with minimal cost
  2. Versatile with quick installation
  3. Little maintenance
  4. Robust and hard wearing
  5. When used with other design features can transform a space into a contemporary living space


Have you noticed that schools and sports centres are moving away from uneven muddy grass pitches and installing artificial grass pitches? Well, whether it’s a tennis court or a football pitch you need, we can discuss and work to your specifications.


  1. Useable 365 days of the year.
  2. Low cost and quick intallations.
  3. Low cost and simple Maintenance
  4. No more uneven muddy pitches


It’s time to get noticed and artificial grass is a novel and practical way of making your business stand out. SuperGrass365 can transform any area into visually stunning exhibition space. We supply and install the finest artificial grass.


  1. Eye catching and creates a natural feel to your business
  2. Low cost installation
  3. Quick, efficient and safe installation.
  4. Fully insured
  5. Versatile can be used with many ideas and designs.